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The keystone of nursing education is to link theoretical and practical teaching. Students acquire nursing skills also through the subject Nursing procedures and techniques. After the graduation of the course, students can safely use reliable and scientifically valid procedures.


The current textbooks focused on nursing procedures and techniques are methodologically very diverse. Since at the domestic market there are prevalent cognitive textbooks from this field, we believe that it is necessary to supplement this discrepancy by a new interactive E-learning textbook. Our aim is to develop interactive E-learning textbook that promotes autonomy, creativity, critical thinking and activity of students. Every chapter will begin with basic knowledge from the field of anatomy, physiology, pathophysiology, clinic and nursing process. Since the textbook will be interactive, an essential part of each chapter will be case studies and problem tasks. In interaction with the textbook students immediately get feedback, if the interventions, tools and procedures they chose are the right ones. At the same time, students learn to be independent in discovering the new skills.


The main goal of the project is to create interactive E-learning textbook through which students can learn to plan, create and strategize the interventions selected by them so as they fit to the professional nursing standards. The other goals of the project are the following ones: to create the basis for training of practical nursing skills through rich pictorial examples and tasks. These are aimed at teaching students to think critically, to choose the right intervention, tools and approach in the process of nursing care; to teach students how to provide a safe nursing performance, and to offer them self-assessment through various tasks and tests.

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